What Can You Do with A Small Basement?

Homeowners conducting Scarborough renovations to improve their house’s design and functionality typically focus on areas like the living room, kitchen, bathroom. But there is an unsung part of the home that can actually boost its functionality and increase its value – the basement.

An increasing number of households see the benefits of having a basement that they can use to add more features to their homes. Aside from residents in Scarborough, various homeowners are now planning to perform basement finishing Toronto to transform this home area, which is often used as a storage space, into a functional living area.

There are many ways households can convert their basements to make them the ultimate living space. They can use this area to create another living room or a home theatre where children can play video games, game tables, or watch movies while adults socialize in the main living room upstairs. The basement can also be transformed into a kitchenette which they can use to entertain guests.

Besides being a space for socializing, the basement can be turned into an additional bedroom to create a spare sleeping area that residents can offer to their guests who plan to stay in for the night or a few days. It can also be transformed into a functional workspace which they can use to be productive and get work done.

Furthermore, this home area can also be used as a fitness room where households can comfortably exercise to stay on top of their physical health or accomplish their fitness goals. For more ideas on how homeowners can turn their basement into the ultimate living area, see this infographic from The Renovators of Canada.

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