Tips for Staying Safe When Driving Under Bad Weather

It is estimated that about 6 million cases of vehicular accidents happen each year. This is staggering and what’s more surprising about this number is that 22% of these accidents are related to bad weather. From heavy rains, hailstorms, and snowy days, bad weather conditions have led to a lot of accidents. A lot of drivers often become too confident with their driving skills and neglect the fact that accidents happen in only a few seconds. It is always best to keep safe when driving and drive slower instead of rushing and figuring in an accident which may cost more considering the amount of an auto repair.

Whenever you are driving in the rain, it is always best to slow down by at least 5 to 10 mph. The weather can be slippery, making it harder to stop the car. You should also turn your headlights on even if it is still early on in the day. This ensures that your visibility is always good. Driving in the snow is quite similar in that you have to slow down too. However, when you need to stop in the snow, brake slowly to avoid your car from sliding.

There will be days where you will have to drive through strong winds. When doing so, know which direction the wind is coming from to avoid it from steering you in the wrong direction. It is also advised not to drive too close to trucks as they create extra gusts that can steer you off course. When driving under intense heat, check your car’s temperature gauge to avoid it from overheating. Lastly, keep an extra pair of shades in your car to avoid the sun from damaging your eyes.

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