Signs of a Badly Installed Car Window Tint

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Car tinting Fullerton CA is a great way to upgrade the look and functionality of your vehicle. It provides various features that many car owners would benefit from. Keeping it well-maintained is essential to prolonging its lifespan and ensuring it is still in working condition.

However, many automobile owners may not know how to tell whether or not their window tints are correctly fitted. Poorly installed window tints may lead to frequent visits to repair shops which can be costly.

Here are telltale signs of a badly installed window tint:

Gaps and uneven lines

Uneven lines and gaps in the film are one of the most prominent signs of a poor window tint job. The film should completely cover the automobile window and be fine and even. So, if you find any gaps or uneven lines, it is because it was not equally cut.

Bubbles on the tint

Bubbles between the film and the glass are also another obvious sign of a badly installed window tint. Although some may be apparent in the first few days following the job, they should disappear after a short while. If the bubbles are still there for a lengthy period, then the tint film was either of low quality or the installation was faulty.

Dirt stuck on the film

Dirt on the tint usually means that the glass was not cleaned thoroughly prior to installing the film. A skilled installer will never install a tint with debris since it will function as a barrier between you and the tint’s benefits. To avoid this, clean the windows with a lint-free cloth to ensure no dirt remains on the surface.

Not enough UV protection

Most car window tinting in Fullerton CA should have sufficient protection against the sun’s UV rays. On the other hand, a poor tint job will not make you feel any cooler, indicating that it lets in the majority of the sunshine. As a result, it will not prevent your car’s interior from overheating.

Ensure excellent window tint installation

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