Select SUV tyres that can optimize the performance of your SUV

Tyre manufacturers have a range of different tyres for the growing SUV market. The need for different tyres is due to you have both different dimensions and you have different conditions that they will be used in. You might use them for on-road usage like city or highway driving or then for off-road where you drive in challenging terrain. Most SUVs are used on-road and the vehicle segment has been growing as they are both spacious vehicles.  They have a better safety record than normal passenger cars making them a perfect option for use as a family vehicle where you want the combination of a safe and spacious vehicle.  There have however been research studies that have shown that SUVs are much safer than sedans. In fact, an SUV driver or passenger is at least 50 percent more likely to survive a car crash without suffering serious injuries than an individual riding in a sedan.

To optimize the performance of your SUV it is important to have good premium tyres of high quality. Regardless if you will drive on- or off-road, you want to have tyres that offer the “Aramid sidewall technology” which allows for increased protection against impact and cuts, being made up of strong aramid fibers, the same ones that are used in the aerospace industries, rendering the tyres virtually puncture proof. As this protects your tyre from potholes and hitting curbs while parking and for off-road you have good protection from sharp stones or objects.

In addition to selecting tyres based on dimension, weather and road condition, you will need to also get tyres based on how your SUV is powered, as electric SUVs and hybrids will fare better if you use tyres that are recommended for electrical vehicles. Not all tyres are recommended for this use. Whether choosing SUV summer tyres and combining them with SUV winter tyres or then using SUV all-weather tyres for the whole year will be a decision that you will have to make. If you choose all-weather tyres you should make sure that they are approved for winter use by having the Alpine symbol on the sidewall of the tyre. It is not sufficient to have the M+S marking, as that is not an indication of an approval for winter use. You also have to take care of the tyres by ensuring that you check the tyre pressure regularly and also the tread depth and once the difference in tread depth between the front and rear tyres is more than 2-3 mm, you rotate the tyres.  Since you are not changing tyres between seasons, the tyres tend to get less attention, which means you will need to ensure that it is done.

For dedicated tyres, you have to choose between SUV studded tyres and SUV non-studded tyres. The studded ones are not allowed in all countries, so then the choice is easy. If both are approved you have to select based on what fits you the best, bearing in mind that you can’t visit or drive through countries that have a ban against studded tyres if that is your choice.

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