Premium SUV winter tyres for improved safety

When it comes to your SUV winter tyres, you will need to invest in premium tyres. Premium tyres will deliver good driving stability and excellent grip, which is what you require when you drive SUV. SUV tires must be strong enough to keep the taller and heavier vehicles stable on the road. You need tyres with shoulder areas that have been specifically tailored for SUV use as that will improve the stability with block support. This is the reason that you need to check that the tyres are specially made for SUVs.

The premium SUV tyres should be able to manage the high wheel loads surely and firmly on ice, snow and slush filled roads alike. For this you need an improved structure and SUV optimized compound. If you choose one of Nokian Tyres range of SUV premium winter tyres, you will discover that their SUV tires are also equipped with Nokian Tyres’ unique Aramid Sidewall technology. The strong construction is combined with the reinforced Aramid sidewalls to improve durability.  It also ensures that the tyre can withstand different impacts that can occur during driving. The sidewall structure contains extremely strong aramid fiber, similar to bulletproof vests, which makes the tires more resistant to sudden impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily interrupt a trip. Such damage usually requires stopping and having to change tyres to your replacement tyre.

The dimension for SUV tyres is that they tend to be wider and have bigger rim sizes. For the narrowest tyres you have the 215/70R16 winter tyres that are for smaller SUVs, while the dimension 265/65R18 winter tyres or 275/60R20 winter tyres are for your larger SUVs. There are several dimensions in between these, so whatever dimension that your SUV will need you should be able to find them either online or via your tyre service center so that they can change the tyres for your as well.

Even though your SUV summer tyres might look like they would be able to cope with some snow, they are not optimized for winter conditions, so the rubber compound used will get hard and will lose most of its friction. This results in lack of grip, which can turn your heavy vehicle into a dangerous projectile as you glide down streets without much control. This can be dangerous. So, you will definitely need to have premium tyres that are approved for winter use and can provide the performance, stability and safety that you will need to drive on winter roads.

If you will choose SUV studded tyres or non-studded are choices that you will have to make based on your preference, the weather conditions in your area and of course what is allowed in your area. Studded tyres are banned in Germany and Poland, so there you only have one option. The same goes if you tend to drive to or through either of these countries for business or pleasure, your options will be limited.

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