Omicron Variant: What We Know About the New Coronavirus Variant?

The risks of pandemics are increasing due to increased population, increased urbanization, habitat loss, climate, and human-animal interactions. Public health systems are also being stretched thin. These factors are all contributing to the risk of a pandemic. A pandemic with high severity like omicron variant could cause a two-to fourfold drop in the gross domestic product. A low-severity illness could cause a slight decrease in economic growth.


A natural disaster or an epidemic can also create a plague. A single episode may have a significant impact on several cases. It makes it challenging to forecast and respond efficiently. However, the emergence and spread of new contagions can make a massive difference in the lives of millions.


It is determined by the number of cases and how widespread the disease has spread. An epidemic is either a global or localized condition. It can cause economic and social problems if it spreads outside its original geographic area.


There have been many pandemics. That includes acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (cholera) and environmental factors like pollution and overcrowding.


Pandemics have been known to cause social unrest and shifts in demographics and mortality crises. The Ebola virus created violence and political turmoil and threatened health facilities and staff. Although the virus is under control, there will likely be another pandemic in the future. Despite the difficulties involved in controlling a pandemic, it could mean that the future of humanity is at stake.


Coronavirus Disease 2019 virus (COVID-19), which is quickly spreading across the globe, is one of the latest and most rampant. The World Health Organization has called it a controllable Pandemic’. It advised people to stay at their homes and take care of themselves until the disease was under control. The impact on the economy and social life is profound, regardless of how severe the condition is. There is no clear answer to how the COVID-19 virus will impact the U.S. economic system.


COVID-19 now has 397 million cases and is responsible for 5.75 million deaths worldwide. Many people find it hard not to worry about the latest statistics. Fear not, because health experts could complete the COVID test for USA and even day 2 test for travel to help monitor citizens’ well-being. It has helped reduce the spread and severity of the infection.


It would be best to remember that viruses can change and replicate themselves. Although the virus is unlikely to cause severe complications, it is possible to get it under control.


The World Health Organization classified B.1.1.529, also known as Omicron, a Variant or concern on November 26, 2020. It was supported by evidence from the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Virus Evolution. Independent of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Virus Genetic Evolution, this group monitors and reviews virus evolution and mutation. Omicron was initially discovered in Botswana, South Africa. The virus has spread to more than 110 countries.


Scientists discovered Omicron contains over 50 mutations. Scientists are now seeing more cases of this variant, increasing the chance of increased transmissibility. 12947 Omicron-related cases have been confirmed in Europe since December 21, 2020. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom reported 10,866 cases.


Are you concerned about getting infected with this coronavirus variant of the virus?


Check out the infographic below designed and created by Harley Medic International. It highlights some of the symptoms of the virus:


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