Improved tyre grip in wet conditions

If you notice that you have bad grip during wet conditions, then it is a matter of the tyres. You will need to have the correct tyres for the season. For summer season you will need to have summer tyres or all-weather tyres. These tyres should be of high quality, not worn out i.e. having more than 4 mm tread depth and have the correct tyre pressure. You can check the tyre’s wet grip on the EU’s tyre label, to see how they compares to other tyres. If the tyres should have good wet grip and have they had the correct tyre pressure, they are probably worn out.

Tyres get worn out once they reach a tread depth of less than 4 mm. This can happen faster than intended if you drive with tyres that have low tyre pressure, where low tyre pressure increases the wear significantly. Also driving with wrong tyres in wrong season, so if you continue driving with winter tyres during the summer, the tyre wear will be higher than it would be if you had switched to summer tyres. If you use cheaper tyres of low quality, they will tend to have a high rolling resistance and will wear out faster than you can expect of a premium tyre, but here you would most likely not have the high wet grip rating either.

If you use tyres that are not intended for an electric car you will also have higher wear, as the higher weight and the torque tend to require more wear resistant tyres. You also need more frequent rotation to be able to sustain the higher wear rate. So proper tyre selection is important for electric cars and hybrids.

If you can find tyres that are AA-rated, which is not easy, it means that they have the highest rating on the EU-tyre label when it comes to both fuel efficiency and wet grip. Superior wet grip is more important for the safety when you drive than the fuel efficiency, so you should prioritize that and then find the tyre that has a good fuel efficiency rather than trying to get the tyre with the best fuel efficiency and then selecting one that has a good grip in wet conditions.

Always make sure that you select premium tyres both for summer and winter and that they are fit for the conditions that you aim to drive in. During summers heavy rain can quickly turn a safe dry road into a wet road that can cause your car to aquaplane and lose control. The best way to avoid it is always ensuring that your tyres are in good condition and that you keep your speed at a level where it is safe to drive. If you would feel that the car occasionally loses control, then reduce your speed and avoid sudden movements. As the car slows down the contact will be restored and you regain control again.

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