Beware of unstable autumn weather

Autumn weather can give really nasty and you can have rapid changes from nice weather to very windy and heavy rain with big drops in temperatures. When the temperature drops and the wind picks up and you have a temporary rain, it is enough to give you the right chill and create a driving experience that can be challenging. Driving in the rain can easily cause aquaplaning if the tyres are not good. Worn tyres are more likely to experience aquaplaning than new tyres with sufficient tread depth. You need to have ore than

You will need good tyres to cope with these circumstances. If you are looking for good radial summer tyres with the dimension 205 wide height ration of 55 to fit rims of 16 inches, you will need 205/55R16 summer tyres. You can search for that online and find options for your car. The same goes if you are looking for 205/55R16 all-weather tyres or 205/55R16 winter tyres. They will all fit your car and the different tyres are needed to cope with changing weather conditions that occur during the year.

Strong winds during autumn can also show signs of shock absorbers that needs to be replaced. If the car swaying during strong winds it can make the car unstable and dangerous to drive. If you suspect that your shock absorbers need to be checked and replaced, visit a car service station and have them checked. Since you have four bumps on a car, it is definitely something that will wear out over time. You can often detect faulty shock absorbers by seeing some oil leakage around the wheels after parking. If you notice oil leakage it is a good time to have the checked.

During autumn, you also need to take into account that winter weather can come early, so you should plan the change to winter tyres early enough. Make sure that if you are really dependent on your car for daily use, you change tyres early enough, so that you don’t get stuck with your summer tyres fitted to your car when the winter weather comes. Driving with summer tyres should be avoided if the winter weather has come; This is why it is important to change earlier if you are very dependent on your vehicle. The first winter weather that arrives tends to be short-lived, so it is better to leave the car during the days when the weather conditions are bad and then when you return to warmer temperatures, you should make sure that you change tyres to winter tyres.

Autumn requires both good summer tyres to avoid aquaplaning and still have good grip and control on both dry and wet roads. Then you need good winter tyres for when winter arrives, so that you are ready for the winter conditions. You need good shock absorbers for both tyre options to ensure good stability and that the shocks push the tyres towards the road surface so that you get a short braking distance. All of these factors are important for safe and comfortable driving.

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