As more people are buying environmentally friendly cars, the attention to tyres should increase

There has been a drastic shift towards electric cars and hybrids as the regulations are tightening. Norway has declared that in 2025 they will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars. The market share for electric cars is already now more than 50% and the rise is increasing as there are not many years remaining before 2025. To become more environmental the focus should also shift to the tyres. The tyres should be produced more environmentally friendly using less toxic ingredients as well as having an environmentally friendly process. The tyres should also have a lower rolling resistance that will lead to a longer distance can be driven on each charge and you therefore save electricity. The tyres also wear out less as you drive, so you won’t have to replace the tyres as often and create more tyre waste. Replacing tyres can also be quite costly in the long run.

The tyres that should be used for electric vehicles need to have properties that matches the requirements of these vehicles that have a higher weight due to the battery packs. The torque is also higher when you have an electric motor, so the wear rate will be higher if the tyres are not made with proper wear resistant rubber compound. You therefore need to ensure that the tyres that you will select are recommended for use on these vehicles. If you don’t know you should ask at your tyre shop or then search for the information on the Internet, where you can find which tyres the tyre manufacturers recommend for electric vehicles.

You have for example some tyre manufactures that are now launching tyres that are made specifically made for electric vehicles in mind.  You have the new range of winter tyres from Nokian Tyres where they have a special version of their new Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 that has their own version for electric vehicles called Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 EV. These have been optimized for ensuring that your electric vehicle or hybrid will stay safe as you drive in challenging winter conditions. The studs can handle the higher torque and the tyres can offer maximum comfort and safety as you drive.

Tyre maintenance also becomes increasingly important, as you will need to make sure that the tyres don’t wear out, that you have the correct tyre pressure and that you know when to rotate the tyres. You should always rotate the tyres once you have more a difference of 2-3 mm between the front and rear tyres. When driving an electric car or hybrid you might need to rotate the tyres more frequently than your normal rotation done when you change between winter and summer tyres. Ensuring that you have proper tyre pressure will make sure that the tyres last longer and you also need to invest from the start in premium tyres that are recommended for electric vehicles and hybrids.

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