A Guide to Esports Bet Types – Infographic

Electronic sports or esports are competitive video game tournaments where professional players compete for prizes, accolades, or awards. Organizations organize and host this type of competition, typically featuring popular video games. Due to its popularity, online betting and live casino online Malaysia have included esports as a legitimate betting market that bettors can explore.

The world of esports betting is a rapidly growing market in casino online mobile Malaysia. In the esports betting market, there is a wide range of options for bettors to bet on the results of various esports competitions.

The match-winner bet is one of the most well-known esports bet bettors can try. The match-winner bet is a simple betting option wherein bettors predict the winning team or player in a match during an esports tournament. If their prediction is accurate, they win the bet. The match-winner bet is popular since its mechanics is straightforward and easily understandable.

Besides the match-winner bet, prop bet is another esports bet type that bettors can explore. Prop bets refer to bets made on specific aspects of the game, like the number of kills a player will make or the time it will take for a team to fulfill an objective while playing the game. These bets tend to be complex, requiring a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics to make a successful bet.

Another option for the esports betting market is the bracket winner of a competition or group within a tournament. Sometimes, the odds on this type of wager can be favorable. While these bets are carried less frequently than other bet types, bettors can still find them during significant tournaments like DOTA2’s The International and League of Legends Worlds. For more details about the different types of esports bets that bettors can try, here is an infographic from CM2Bet.

A Guide to Esports Bet Types

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