A Beginner’s Guide for Motorcycle Ergonomics

Before buying a motorcycle, it’s essential to research and purchase the right set of riding gear. Adjustable foot pegs, gear levers, and brake pedal extensions are just a few aftermarket accessories that can help you make your ride comfortable. Installing these items can minimize the usual concerns of riders, such as muscle tension, knee cramps, and foot fatigue.

Given all these, here are some tips you can use to ensure a comfortable road trip using a motorcycle.

Do your homework before buying a motorcycle

Before buying a motorcycle, it is vital to do your research. Several factors should be taken into consideration. First of all, you should think about your riding style. If you prefer riding sporty motorcycles, then you should look for a bike with a sportier riding position. However, it is crucial to consider that each motorcycle has different requirements, such as insurance.

Purchase essential motorcycle riding gear

One of the essential pieces of motorcycle riding gear is a helmet. You should purchase a full-face DOT or SNELL-approved helmet to ensure maximum protection. The approval sticker is usually located on the back of the helmet. Full-face helmets offer up to eight times better protection than other styles. You can also choose leather or nylon motorcycle pants.

Apart from the helmet, buying an SW motech crash bars. This motorcycle component can help prevent extensive damage in case your motorcycle falls over while parked or in a low-speed tip-over. Moreover, these bars are designed to protect your bike’s engine, fuel tank, and even save your motorcycle’s paint.

Additional components are motorcycle skid plates, riding gloves, motorcycle goggles, and the like can be added for your comfort and liking.

Choose a motorcycle that fits your height and size

Choosing a bike that fits your size and height is critical for your safety and comfort. Factors such as your riding type, height, and weight should all be considered. A low seat height means you must lean forward, putting pressure on your back or wrists. To determine the proper seat height, compare the motorcycle’s seat height to your inseam.

A more detailed guide about motorcycle ergonomics can be found in this blog by Motorrad.

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